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4WDED to Calistoga, CA

It is officially the end of my birthday month and I'm ready to come out of my hiatus. I took a break from pretty much everything.. Life, work, relationships, social media, family, literally everything. Just so I could cleanse and start my 30's off fresh.

First work of order, I chopped off all my hair. Yep, you see that there, it's all gone. I wanted to do something huge for myself for my 30th and I thought cutting away all the years of bad DNA in my hair would be just the treat. I was wrong. I absolutely hated it at first.. Another reason for my disappearance was because I was trying to figure out how to hide it.. Purchasing multiple wigs that just did not feel right.. They're all fun, but only temporarily.. I had initially prepared a blog with all of the looks but I accidentally deleted it.. Guess it wasn't meant to be shared! lol

I spent the day of my 30th birthday (March 17th) doing close to absolutely nothing. I didn't want to make any plans.. I just wanted to let life take it's course.. I ended up discovering new parts of the city, by foot and by scooter since it was a beautiful day here in SF. It was great.

The following day, I did end up spending a good portion responding to every single greeting I received on Facebook and finally shared the EP I wanted to release for so long. If you haven't checked it out already, please take a listen here.

After that, I spent time purging a lot of my belongings, selling some, donating some.. Just getting rid of a lot of unnecessary material things. It felt great. There's still much left to go through, but it was a good start.

I did finally get to celebrate with my partner in crime at an amazing exhibit that I never even knew existed. He took me there with an intro - something along the lines of, "I've always thought you were a star." Sure enough, I felt like I was amongst them, it was perfect.
It was an amazing structure of lights that really made you feel like you were in the sky. Photos do this absolutely no justice, so you're just gonna have to go see it for yourself here. Do it before it goes away! You're welcome.. ;)

They had other exhibits as well that were all interactive. Bae thought we were only going to spend an hour in there but we ended up spending FOUR hours just playing around. Here are just some of the photos we took inside..

There was one exhibit that was filled with flowers being projected into a black room and the longer you stayed in one place, the more flowers would bloom on and around you.. Super cool!

There's so much more to see but I was so into the art, I forgot to take more photos lol.
Next he surprised me on a trip to Calistoga. The trek to get there was scary as hell but as soon as we got there, it was awesome. Got to do a little night swimming, drink some wine.. It was very fitting. I felt 30 and I never thought 30 would feel so good. 

This break was something I definitely needed. I'm so excited for what this new chapter will bring and I'm glad I'm starting it off fresh. Happy Dirty 30 to me!! :)

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