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3:24 PMJayne Rio

Every first Friday of the month I want to share my favorite items from the month before. For November, I did a lot of listening to several different books and one podcast.. So here are my Top 4 listens from November!

In no particular order:

The Adapt Podcast: I'm so proud to know the wonderful hosts of this amazing podcast. They are an incredible group of people who talk about entrepreneurship and many other topics that are meant to inspire the entrepreneur in all of us. At the time that I tuned in there was only one episode up but already I'm in love. Check it out at!

I found Les Brown from a fitness Instagrammer who shared this book as motivation for her when she does her workouts. She would share quotes from the book in her captions and I was intrigued. There were a bunch of choices from Les Brown so I opted for "The Best of" since I'm so indecisive. So glad I did because every talk is different and I enjoy hearing his many different stories. If you need someone to inspire you in almost militant fashion, Les Brown is the way to go.

The Power: This one I found from Kristen Leanne, a beautiful soul I met this year. She had mentioned reading this book through her Instagram on a post that shared her and her hubby were moving into their new house! She explained that she feels she has acquired their new place from "The Power". I had to give it a shot, and kid you not, it changed my life almost instaneously.

I've I've been meaning to give this book a shot and I'm glad I did. The stories Sophia tells are pretty overbearing for anyone to share, so it was quite surprising. This book did get some criticism for not talking more about building Nasty Gal, but I kind of already assumed that going in. Come on, did you really think she was going to tell all her secrets? I was entertained by her stories that really made her human in my eyes which is enough for me to know, I could be capable of building a Nasty Gal sort of my own.

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