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Just Like the Sun

SunsetI was recently told that I was like the sun. Bright, warm, beautiful but get too close and you'll get burnt. I have always had this problem of winning people over but as soon as I get close and comfortable, I somehow do a complete 180. Anyone who has known me that has gotten to that level of closeness knows exactly what I'm talking about.. And it doesn't even take long..

I realized that a lot of it had to do with the  fact that I had a lot of self-doubt. Always shedding light outward instead of inward. Never looking at what I was doing. Right or wrong. This was a harsh reality to face but it was true. So change needed to happen.

Enter this blog, which was an inspiration for me to look inward, then project forward. Hence the name, 4WDED (a play on the word forwarded) which encourages me to always put my best foot forward, in past tense to prove to myself that the work has happened I just have to continue putting it out. 

It's not easy though. There have been so many times where I didn't even want to blog because I didn't think the content was good enough or relevant. Which only proves I still have a lot of internal work to do. I am being completely transparent about this because I know there are many out there who feel the same and it's OK. Just never forget what you're doing it for.

I am like the sun, but along with many other great things, I admit I have to be dealt with in caution. Sometimes I may shine, sometimes I may not. And I'm learning to be OK with that. There's a good and bad side to everything. Acknowledge it but don't beat yourself up too much for the bad things. The good will always shine brighter, if you let it.

Thanks for watching me as I continue this journey. Sorry if it it didn't make sense, I'm literally baking in the sauna as I right this. Lol.

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