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4WDED to Dallas, TX

I love Dallas. Mainly because I have family there but also because the food is great and everything is HUGE. I was sent on another work trip, this time even shorter, but it was cool because I got to work in the Cowboy's/AT&T stadium which is the 5th largest stadium in the U.S. It also houses one of the largest HD big screen in the world! I wasn't allowed to take photos indoors, but it was quite the experience.

During my short time there I did get to go to a delicious spot called Maple and Motor. I made the mistake of getting the Brisket sandwich instead of the Burgers they are known for, so I didn't even take a photo of it. The tater tots though are a different story. They really saved the meal. If you're ever hungry and don't want to eat at the Dallas Love Field Airport, give this place a shot. It's close to the airport and very filling.

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