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Too Good at Goodbyes // Pt. II

I couldn't write this piece without addressing the other side and how I've made it easy for others to be good at goodbyes as well. Your girl is admittedly: cray craaaay. Hence why I even started this blog in the first place. (read more about that here.) I have not been the easiest to deal with and I understand why others have had to say their goodbyes to me..

In a time where we tend to be so self-righteous, it is also necessary to step back and look at what we're doing wrong that might be provoking all these goodbyes in the first place.. Trust me when I say, I had to learn this the hard way. It took A LOT for me to finally own up to some of the crazy characteristics I've displayed in the past and if I didn't experience that one massive goodbye from my 5 almost 6-year boyfriend at the time, I may have never gotten to where I'm at today. For that, I am eternally grateful.

It's easy to always put the blame on someone else without realizing our part in the issue. We are quick to justify our actions, regardless of morality. I know I am guilty of this and to be honest, I'm not proud of it. The thing is, I didn't even realize I was doing it at the time it was happening. I was convinced that I had reason to do wrong, when in reality, there should NEVER be any reason to do anyone wrong.

I know, I know, easier said than done, but it's true. Sometimes you have to be good at goodbyes since it's better to walk away than cause more pain and that goes both ways. If people have chosen to walk out of your life because you're too much to handle, let them go. It's hard enough to walk away so only fight if it's a mutual desire. Goodbyes are never easy, so to provoke one is already a huge step in itself. Often times than not, the person saying goodbye has probably thought it through 10 times over and made their choice a long time ago. Respect their decision, be good at goodbyes and stay strong.

Sometimes, it gets harder the more you start to realize what you've done wrong as you might feel the need to "make it up" but respecting their decision is the best thing that you could do. I truly believe that if anything is meant to be, the universe will conspire to make it happen but only if you let it. If that's what the universe has cosZAnjured up for now, trust that it's the right thing for the both of you.

On a lighter note, I think I could say that I'm a bonafide goodbyer when it comes to people but not so much when it comes to my hair! Ughhh.. I miss my hair so much, I'm sorry I ever thought I could say goodbye to you hair! Since it's Friday, here's a little flashback to when my hair was still here to stay at an old abandoned railroad.

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