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Fairs + Fleas

I can't believe the holidays are here already and the Black Friday craze has already begun. Although this year, I've really tried to cut back on buying too many manufactured consumer goods and have been mostly buying recycled or used goods. For one, it's cheaper and two you could find some really unique things. Not to mention you technically lessen your carbon footprint too.

So I wanted to suggest a few places other than the big box retailers that are spamming us all with their "Doorbuster" ads. Have you ever thought of gift shopping at Fairs or Fleas? I know there used to be a stigma with shopping at these type of places because it doesn't sound so sexy saying you got it your gift from the flea market but times have changed. There are so many great curated markets that make flea markets cool now and I always find great gifts at them. Fairs are a little harder to come by but they are great when in town. You can usually buy local, handcrafted, artisan gifts or gain ideas to maybe get your DIY on.

This month, I was able to visit a flea market I had been dying to go to for the first time. I heard about Pasadena Rose Bowl Flea Market from many of the bloggers that I follow, including a good friend of mine, Arnelle. What's great about this place is they have a huge section of Antiques and Collectibles larger than any other flea market I've been to.. And it's not junk. Most of the pieces found here are in great quality but come with the appropriate price tags. There are also a lot of new items, from local designers as well as sample items from the factories. I was able to snag a two bottle wine cooler sample bag for $10 that comes with a wine opener, two wine glasses and a knife. We had so much fun shopping around that we barely got to take photos but here are a few:

Now I know that's a trek for all my fellow bay area residents but we have something similar right here at home. The Treasure Island Flea! I love this place and I never leave empty handed. Whether it's actual physical product or ideas to create something of my own.

And lastly, I was able to visit the West Coast Craft Fair this past weekend and saw so many cool things by West Coast artists. Everything from unique printed pottery to marijuana paraphernalia.

So many great ideas for thoughtful, personalized gifts on a budget. I added OOTD shots for each market because I know a lot of like minded creatives/fashionistas dress to impress at these things so I come prepared!

Hope you enjoyed and got a few ideas for gifts if you still need some after the Black Friday madness! Happy shopping and Thanksgiving guys!

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