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Let The Dead Things Go

"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go."

I love Fall. It's my absolute favorite season. The weather is perfect, the colors are gorgeous and I love seeing the changing leaves fall from the trees. Many would say Fall is the start of cuffing season, where we fall out of our single ways and fall into love. It is also a time of feasts, gatherings and thanks.

For me, it's a time of re-evaluation, where I look at what I've done during the year and I usually get inspired from the lack of doing what I wanted to do but haven't done yet. Then I end up trying to cram it all before the year ends which is what I think is happening to me now lol.

I also take a look at the people in my life and any situations that need letting go. I've wrote about this in my previous blogs here, but I noticed that I've had to say a few of my goodbyes around this time of year. I get to see who's really there for me and who I want or may not want around during such a festive time. If there are any outstanding issues, now's the time to squash it or move on.

So fall out or better yet fall in. If there are any situations holding you back from happiness, now's the time for action. I know some people avoid dealing with tough issues because of the holiday season, which may be wise under certain circumstances but for the most part, be like fall tree branches and let the dead things go.

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