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January Favorites 2018

And just like that, we are done with the first month of 2018! Last year, I was able to do 3 months of favorites and this year, I'd like to try and get through the whole year of sharing all of my favorites with you. At the end of every month, I'll share my favorites in Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion and Tech. So let's go ahead and get started!

LIFESTYLE: Portable Make-up Cases

If you guys follow me on instagram, then you might know that I'm trying to do more of what I love this year, with one of them being make-up. But in order for me to do make-up, I have to stay organized so that I am inspired to do it. I searched for some make-up cases on Amazon and found two I couldn't decide on, so I ended up buying both lol.

Before I get into the cases I bought, let me just share with you how I held my make-up before...

As you can see, it's falling apart with the mesh starting to rip. Also there are no compartments or way to organize it.. It's literally just one big pile:

I wanted a case that had compartments that I can customize to fit what I have. The two that I found have this and are pretty much the same with one being larger than the other. I wanted one that I can always have with me, and another one that had all my back-up, larger make-up in. I wanted cases that would also protect my make-up in case I drop the bag or accidentally smush it in a larger bag with all the rest of my things.

So I found this:

I love it because each of those dividers are movable. You can customize based on the size of your products. I also love it because it has a hard plastic border to keep the bags shape and also to prevent the bag from being smushed. Because the case is made out of fabric, it makes the bag light as opposed to an all plastic hard case. There are brush holders in the top flap which really makes it a great hold all bag.

I also bought a bigger case to hold more of my larger palettes and full sized products. I typically like to purchase travel or demo sized items since I like variety and don't tend to use too much of one thing. But for the ones that I do have, this case works perfectly:

I am still organizing the bags itself but once I get a good system going, I'll definitely share. 

BEAUTY: ABH Subculture Palette

To jump start my new make-up venture, I wanted to buy a new palette to play with. I went with Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette because it has colors that I don't have yet and also has a good variety of looks you can create with the colors included. I primarily bought this for the colors Axis, All Star, Edge and Untamed. As I started using the palette more, I ended up falling in love with Electric and New Wave too. 

Here's a simple look I made with Untamed, Edge, New Wave and Electric:

I know this palette had some mixed reviews but I actually really like it. I think it's super pigmented and again, there are so many combinations you can do with the colors. You can go bold, smoky, or neutral and is really a great overall palette. You can leave home with just this palette alone.

FASHION: Bershka Sock Sneaker

As much as I like the original Balenciaga sock sneaker, I actually prefer this much cheaper option from Bershka. I love the little details such as the zippers in the front, as well as a little quote in the back that says, "Don't Behave." It's very subtle since it's all black on black. 

I got these from Hong Kong last October and they have pretty much never left my feet since then lol.

TECH: Google Pixel 2

I have to give most of the credit of my consistent posting to my new Pixel 2. It has been so easy to transfer files from my desktop to the Pixel with the included USB-C to USB-A adapter. I can plug in my thumb drive and drop in all my photos and videos that I've edited on my PC straight to the phone without having to worry about internet uploading issues and such.

And can I just say, the camera is AMAZING? There's really so much more I can say about this phone but that will require a separate blog post of it's own. 

I have a few more favorites that I will have to carry over into February since Feb is a short month anyway. Thanks for reading loves! The YouTube video will follow very shortly!

P.S. Please make sure to turn off any ad blockers to find links to purchase the products above. They are affiliate links that help keep this site afloat. Thanks so much!

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