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Somewhat of a life update

Sometimes, you just gotta start before you're even ready..

I challenged myself to start posting consistently so I turned on my phone and just started recording myself talking. No game plan, just me, my camera and my thoughts.

I never treated my YT like a job yet I also took it too seriously. It got to the point where I was overthinking what content to make and creating overly produced, overly scripted videos because I was too scared to just let myself rant.

Funny enough, the random vlog I decided to make that had no game plan, no intention other than just wanting someone to talk to is the video that got me featured on the front page of YouTube and garnered most of my subscribers.

I've only ever done that a handful of times after that first one and I'm not sure why. I try to explain it in this 30 minute long video of me just talking, unedited and bringing it back to my YouTube roots.

Enjoy these next 30 minutes of me blabbing.

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